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As a premier Reaction Wheel developer and manufacturer, we understand that risk management is a top-level concern to our clients. MSCI’s exacting, menu-based Product Assurance program ensures that every aspect of a project meets with the highest quality controls, with the ability to tailor the program to meet each client’s specific needs and requirements.


Our years of experience and expertise in the design, build and operation of Reaction Wheels – reflected in our outstanding flight heritage – means we can confidently stand behind our top quality processes, components and products. Our ability to provide quality commercial-grade components and recommendations for the purchase or manufacture of aerospace-grade components only where required, enables us to deliver timely, cost effective solutions to our customers.


Our comprehensive, end-to-end Product Assurance program includes the following:

  • Selection, approval, and monitoring of subcontractors and suppliers
  • Parts selection, procurement and qualification program
  • Non conformance, corrective and preventive action management system
  • Safety and mission success risk assurance
  • Progress monitoring and reporting
  • Alerts and critical items monitoring
  • Qualification, verification and acceptance activities to ensure end product conformance to specification
  • Configuration management of software, hardware, and documentation
  • Lifecycle milestone reviews
  • Request for deviations/waivers, actions, and/or recommendations that result from our
  • reviews, and inspections
  • Surveys, internal and external audits

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