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Electro-mechanical/Electronics Technologist

Job Overview

Microsat Systems Canada Inc. (MSCI) is a privately held Canadian corporation applying dynamics and control technology in the space market for reaction wheels, rate measurement units and complete microsatellites. We are currently seeking an individual to fill an electromechanical/electronics technologist position to assemble and test precision electromechanical space products. This is a permanent position.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assemble and test precision high-reliability electro-mechanical products, assist in prototypes, build and solder printed wiring assemblies, and build cable harnesses associated with microsatellites including but not limited to:
    • Read, interpret and follow build documentation (work instructions, assembly procedures, drawings, etc.). Carry out verbal instructions to produce avionic-quality hardware assemblies.
    • Manually assemble and solder various electronic components such as resistors, diodes, transistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, switches, wires and other electronic parts to designated locations on printed circuit boards.
    • Perform repetitive assembly tasks on electronic and electro-mechanical hardware assemblies using calibrated precision hand tools.
    • Install connectors, connector pins, terminals and lugs.
    • Perform electrical continuity and isolation tests. Locate, document, and correct wiring errors using measuring instruments.
    • Adjust, calibrate, align and modify circuitry and components and record effects on a unit performance.
    • Perform mechanical assembly of spacecraft mechanicals and sub-assemblies.
    • Use computer to record work performed on the ERP-based work tracking system.
  • Apply principles and theories of electronics, electrical circuitry, electronic and electrical testing.
  • Collaborate with engineers on troubleshooting and issues derived from testing.
  • Be available to work occasionally for compensated overtime.

Required Skills and Abilities:

  • Completion of formal training in Electronic / Electro-mechanical Engineering Technology, High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Expertise in manual soldering, including using microscope.
  • Expertise in electronic components preparation for soldering
  • Training and experience in operation of multimeters, oscilloscopes, crimping tools, wire strippers, etc.
  • Training and experience in using mechanical hand tools.
  • Fine hand assembly.
  • Vision - Ability to meet minimum requirements for Space applications as per J-STD-001-FS (The vision requirements may be met with corrected vision)
    • Near Vision. Jaeger 1 at 355.6 mm (14 inches) or reduced Snellen 20/20, or equivalent.
    • Color Vision. Ability to distinguish red, green, blue, and yellow colors
  • Familiarity with using precision measuring instruments.
  • A demonstrated ability in reading / understanding technical manuals and reports.
  • Communication skills for relaying data (verbally and in-writing) to other employees.
  • Ability to work effectively independently and in a team environment with limited supervision.
  • Physical ability to conduct repetitive assembly operations, grasping, sitting, standing, lifting, bending, pulling, pushing, stooping, stretching and carrying.
  • Ability to rapidly change roles and responsibilities while working in a high-technology, skills-demanding work environment.
  • Good response to challenges posed by short deadlines.
  • Acute attention to detail.
  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Software/Computer expertise in:
    • Windows 2000 / XP / 7, 10, Intermediate
    • Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint), Intermediate
  • Availability, eligibility, and willingness to travel by ground and/or air transport to support testing, installation, training, and /or repair of space products within Canada with minimal notice when required.
  • It is a CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT that an employee obtain and maintain, through the Company, eligibility for access to controlled goods and / or technology in accordance with the policies and regulations of the Controlled Goods Directorate of the Government of Canada; and obtain and maintain, through the Company, eligibility for Secret Clearance in accordance with the policies and regulations of the Government of Canada.

Desired Skills and Abilities:

  • Minimum of three years relevant work experience.
  • Formal soldering training, certification in all facets of soldering of electronic components and PCBs to IPC, NASA or ESA standards required.
  • Training in instrument calibration.
  • Experience in working with engineers to develop and document set ups and test procedures.
  • Experience in using Microsoft Project
  • Formal Certification to J-Standard Space Addendum
  • Experience in the space exploration industry, aviation, military or other high-reliability operating environment.
  • Availability, eligibility, and willingness to travel by ground and/or air transport to support testing, installation, training, and /or repair of space products anywhere globally and specifically to the United States for up to two (2) weeks at a time with minimal notice when required.

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